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<h1>Setting Benchmarks</h1><p>To set achievable goals for your placement experience, it's helpful to first identify the types of things you want to learn. Here are key learning areas, with examples of specific benchmarks, that are important to everyone’s professional development. You can use these benchmarks to identify your placement goals and prepare you for future opportunities.</p>
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<h1>Mapping your experience</h1><p>Documentation of your Placement Experience is key to reflecting and making sense of the learning opportunity. When you identify and gather details on the activities, places, persons, ideas, situations, skills that you experience, you can develop a multi-faceted understanding that can be applied to future opportunities and referenced in your portfolio and résumé.</p>

<h1>A Typical Timeline</h1><p>This is a suggested timeline to help you structure your Placement Experience, keep track of your activities, and schedule time with your faculty supervisor and Placement employer. Establishing this structure should help you develop time management as a professional skill.</p>

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