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Cultural Community Expo


Cultural Community Expo

The Cultural Community Expo is an ongoing series of opportunities for OCAD U students to visit with, learn from and experience the people and places that make up Toronto’s art and cultural sector. Through guest panel discussions and visits to art studios, cultural organisations and production centres, the Cultural Community Expo highlights potential future career paths and presentation venues for Faculty of Art students.

The Cultural Community Expo brings together exemplary OCAD U alum, artist-initiated organisations, and professional guests who embody a variety of successful choices in career direction. Participants come away with a better understanding of how to make a living and sustain their personal art practice once they leave school, while at the same time remaining engaged in the cultural community, receiving mentorship, and gaining access to facilities and professional development opportunities.

How does it work?

The Cultural Community Expo takes a unique form each year, including off-campus tours, moderated panel discussions, studio visits, and artist talks. Held annually in February, the event is centred around the Faculty of Art's Cross-Disciplinary Art Practice: Professional Practice course (CROS: 3001). However, all students are welcome to be involved!


Past Events

2018 - Cultural Community Expo: The Brandscape

Download the full 2018 event pamphlet here

2017 - Cultural Community Expo: 401 Richmond – The Tenants

Download the full 2017 event pamphlet here


Farah Yusuf

Outreach Coordinator, Career Development
P: 416 977 6000 Ext. 3828

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