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<h1>Suggested Activities</h1><p >Here are some suggested professional development activities that can help broaden and enrich your experiential learning placement. Keep in mind that the placement partner is a valuable mentor and support throughout this placement.</p>
<li >Conduct an Informational Interview with your Placement Supervisor, using the <a title="Guide for Informational Interviews" href="/AssetFactory.aspx?vid=8784">Guide for Informational Interviews <span class="fa fa-download"></span></a></li>
<li >Use the <a title="Feedback Form" href="/AssetFactory.aspx?vid=8786">Feedback Form <span class="fa fa-download"></span></a> for a mid-point assessment and exit interview.</li>
<li >Try an activity that you're unfamiliar with. This could be attending an event, an exhibition or screening, participating in an activity like a workshop, learning a new skill directly or indirectly related to your placement. Reflect on the experience using the <a title="Tips for Reflection" href="/services/centre-for-emerging-artists-and-designers/experiential-learning/toolkit/tips-for-reflection">Tips for Reflection</a>. It’s a good idea to ask your Placement Employer or network for recommendations!</li>
<li >Attend exhibitions, workshops and events on campus and at the Centre for Experiential Learning and OCAD U Gallery System: <a href="">XPACE</a&gt;, <a href="">OnSite Gallery</a>, <a href="">Ignite Gallery.</a></li>
<li >Update your portfolio and résumé with projects, activities, and skills developed during your Placement.</li>
<li >Request a portfolio review from a mentor in your network.</li>
<li ><a href="/services/centre-for-emerging-artists-and-designers/advising">Book an advising session</a> with the Experiential Learning Program team for a discussion about your placement and how to make connections with your OCAD U studies and career goals</li>
<li >Share your experience with other Experiential Learning Program students in Field Placement, Placement Courses, Work/Place, Design4 and CEAD Student Career Ambassadors.</li>
<li >Write a detailed <em>Thank You</em> letter to supervisor, outlining what you appreciate having learned and the impact the Placement experience had on you.</li>

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