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Safety Awareness Training for Supervisors

Chemical Safety Training

Online training module, please click link

Please use your OCAD U login ID to complete the online Chemical Safety Training

The following topics will be covered in the course:

  1. WHMIS Overview
  2. WHMIS Classes and Symbols
  3. Labels
  4. Material Safety Data Sheets
  5. Toxicological and Occupational Health
  6. Solvents

For additional information, you can view our Chemical Safety Management Program.

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Student Monitor training

Student Monitor training

Online training module, please click link

OCAD U requires that all student monitors take safety training before they begin work. Specific training was developed for this purpose:

1. Mandatory online training

These two modules are mandatory, and will take approximately 60 minutes each to complete. 

Please access the Safety Awareness Training and Chemical Safety Training and enroll yourself into the course with your OCAD U login ID and password.


2. Mandatory area-specific training

Specific training has been developed for (a) each studio at OCAD U, (b) office monitors (c) distribution services. From the modules below, please select the training package that applies to your work location. The modules were designed as a manual and are easy to read.

3. Additional modules

In addition to the training above, you will find below additional modules that may also apply to you:

4. Training record

After you have completed all of the required modules above, please fill out the training record and provide your signed copy to your supervisor.

Safety Awareness Training for Students/Employees

Joint Health and Safety Committee

The Joint Health and Safety Committee (JHSC) is an advisory body comprising representatives from all aspects of OCAD University's work force. It is responsible for stimulating awareness of safety issues, recognizing workplace risks and recommending solutions to address these risks. The JHSC exists to safeguard the health and safety of all of the university community by assisting the university in hazard identification and assessment, and then making recommendations for controlling these hazards. This is achieved by:

  • assisting the university in efforts to promote safety awareness and safe work practices among employees and students as well;
  • working in cooperation with management to identify unsafe work practices; and
  • monitoring conformance with health and safety policies.

JHSC meeting agenda and minutes can be found in the Health and Safety bulletin board at 100 McCaul St.

JHSC Monthly Meeting Minutes

Minutes of each meeting are recorded and available for review by OCAD University and a Ministry of Labour inspector [subsection 9(22)].  They are also located on the Safety & Risk Management board at 100 McCaul.  

The JHSC minutes contain details of all matters discussed, as well as a full description of issues raised, any action recommended by the committee members and the employer response to the recommendation(s). 

JHSC Inspections

Regular inspections of the workplace by the designated worker member of the joint health and safety committee help to identify hazards and thereby prevent or mitigate workplace injuries. The workplace must be inspected at least once a year and ensure that at least part of the workplace is inspected each month [subsection 9(27)] in accordance with a schedule established by the committee [subsection 9(28)]

To accomplish this, the University is broken down into inspection zones that will be completed by the designated JHSC member.

Inspection Zones

Zones 1 to 12-1 (PDF)


Employer representatives

Nick Hooper (Co-Chair, Studio Management) Ext. 2202
Connie Arezes-Reis (Human Resources) Ext. 209
Christine Wallace (Building Projects) Ext. 620

Worker representatives

OCADFA faculty/technicians: 

Eric Steenbergen (Co-Chair, Printmaking) Ext. 268
Ted Hunter (Wood) Ext. 313
Katrina Tompkins (ED/ID) Ext. 397 

OPSEU Local 576:

Alvaro Araya (IT Services) Ext. 240
Myly Pham (IT Services) Ext. 3846
Adam Wilkinson (Distribution Services) Ext. 612

Safety Awareness Training for Students/Employees

First Aid and CPR Training with AED

Comprehensive one day course offering first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) skills for those who need training due to work requirements or who want more knowledge on how to respond to emergencies. Each person will receive certification through Rescue 7 and will be trained by one of our department’s qualified trainers.

There will be a small $25 per person fee for the cost of training materials.

Safety Awareness Training for Students/Employees

CPR with Defibrillator Training

This course teaches resuscitation for casualties eight years and older. It is an hour review of CPR with the use of an AED on adults.

Safety Awareness Training for Students/Employees

RAD Training

Basic Physical Defence Program that has its foundations in education and awareness. The course includes lecture, discussion and self-defence techniques. Classes range from a minimum of six to twelve hours in length.

Safety Awareness Training for Students/Employees

Violence De-Escalation

Offered in both online and workshop format. Online module called Violence De-Escalation through Effective Communication is one hour in length and applies communication techniques to OCAD U specific scenarios. The Workshop format is 1.5 hours in length and provides department specific scenario training with a group work focus.

Safety Awareness Training for Students/Employees

Fire Warden Training

Online training module, please click link

Fire Wardens on campus play a role in the event of an emergency by assisting in evacuation. Fire Wardens receive a 45 minute training session on their roles and responsibilities.